Raggs 30th Anniversary Art

Posted by Raggs New Haven on

I would like to thank my wife Lisa, friends, employees and customers who have contributed these unique pieces of art to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. These pieces now hang in the store and will be displayed throughout the month of November. 

- Tom Maloney, Owner, Raggs


Donna Moss


Left: Ian Applegate                    Right: Ed Dionne


Barry Svigals


Tabitha Rammer


Jared Nixon


Dennis Hersh


Barry Gladue


John Choly


David & Michelle Benivegna


Monica Rak


Michael Mauro & David Bennet


Wallace Muroya


Richard Sussman


Chris Cannon


Paul Eisele


Jacob Gorski


Sherry & Barry Cosloy


Semi Gork & Matthew Suttor


Grace Klimzack & Willis Gee


The Barbara Family


Michael Morand


Lisa Maloney