What's in a Shirt?

Posted by Raggs New Haven on

You're the guy from the city who spends a bit too much time down in Williamsburg. The shirts you wear aim for a perpetually dressed down look. Yet, you're attuned to the close modern fit - telling people you care about matching your blue check flannel to your tan slim-leg chinos.

You're the man who only buys a shirt if it can be worn at least three ways. The shirt you have selected is friendly for days at the office with a charcoal suit, but can also be paired with your favorite high-blue sport coat for a night out. Either way, your shirts never let you down.

This button down shirt with metal buttons is your idea of a dress shirt. Your uniform typically consists of t-shirts and jeans. But for those day where you want to discuss literature over coffee, this shirt is your confidence cloak and will seem to further validate your opinions.