This Just In: Cuff Links from Skulltuna

Posted by Raggs New Haven on

Cuff links are among the easiest ways to add flair to your suit. Whether opting for a classy look that gives a bit of shine and sparkle or opting for a unique shape that's sure to be a conversation starter, cuff links are an easy, subtle way to express yourself. 

Raggs has recently received a shipment from the Swedish company Skulltuna, known for providing a bit of attitude to their accessories. Using cultural history as inspiration, Skulltuna has been creating objects out of brass and silver for over 400 years. Below are a few choice options from Skulltuna's cuff link line, available in store and online at Raggs.


Skulltuna's "Napoleon Bee" Cuff Links are inspired by Napoleon, who chose the bee as his symbol for the new imperial dynasty. $98.00. Click HERE to shop. 



The "Rampant Lion" cuff links are considered a potent symbol of strength and a classic symbol frequently used in heraldry around the world. $95.00. Click HERE to buy. 


Skulltuna's "Bomber Series is Inspired by the wing tip markings from the world´s air forces. Gold and silver plated brass. $98.00. Click HERE to shop.