This Just In: Tote, Messenger Bags and Briefcases from RO

Posted by Raggs New Haven on

Today we present accessories from New York company RO. Founded in 1999 by Architect Gene Miao, RO looks to reflect the unique energy and distinctive character of the East Village in Manhattan, while actively adapting to the ever-changing expectations of metropolitan life.

Raggs carries several totes, messengers, backpacks and briefcases from the RO line, a few of which are shown below:

1. "Wheelbarrow" Messenger ($229 - Click HERE to shop)

This everyday canvas messenger bag features a roomy interior with multiple pockets that will keep your personal belongings organized. The main compartment opens wide for quick and easy access, while the hidden pocket on the front flap can store all your important essentials. An adjustable leather strap can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. Available in Navy (pictured) or Charcoal (Click HERE to shop)


2. "G Reverse Surplus" Tote ($320 - Click HERE to Shop)

A modern take on a classic tote, this season-less bag is a stylish addition to any casual outfit and will pair perfectly with earth tones or brighter hues. Available in Grey (pictured) and Indigo (Click HERE to shop)


3. "Shift Over" Briefcase ($629 - Click HERE to Shop)

Slim and streamlined, this leather briefcase feature the unique retractable handles that can slide inside the body, offering two ways of holding it for different occasions and needs.