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    The Raggs Bag — Zachary Prell

    The Raggs Interview: Zachary Prell


    Zachary Prell has become one of the best up and coming designers in menswear by adhering to a common sense principal - taking the dress and sport shirt we all have and making it into a unique piece, styled and cut to the wearer. Zachary Prell’s sport shirt collection loses the boxy cuts and billowing sleeves for a more modern, tailored look. Raggs New Haven carries several of Zachary’s line both in our brick and mortar shop as well as our online shop. Zachary has also been in our store live and in person for trunk shows and appearences. We recently had the chance to interview Zachary Prell about the origins of the brand, his beliefs towards menswear and of course, the sports shirts and dress shirts he’s known for.

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